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Playing is a practice

Have you ever had that moment playing lego with your kids, or reading a book to them, or kicking a soccer ball, and at that moment you’ve forgotten about your Monday morning staff meeting, the laundry waiting to be done, the dental bill, and you’re just focused on being with your kids and enjoying being fully yourself.

Family List wants to help all parents and kids have more of those moments. We work to curate the best fun and playful activities to try, make, and play to help you get into that zone for however brief a moment in time to allow you to be you, to allow kids to be kids, and by doing so helping everyone feel good.

Your kids will love your distraction-free interaction just with them, parents will leave behind the past and the future to just be in the present. Imagine that multiplied by a hundred, a thousand, a million! 

All of us are having a chance to enjoy the present moment. At Family List, we think that step by step these experiences compound over time to make our world a better place. So much is possible when we start with play, together.