Watermelon Chess

Want to try something different from regular chess? Try this! Watermelon chess, or Xi Gua Qi, is originally from Hangzhou, China. 

Easy to learn and easy to play almost anywhere. You don’t need a board, just a piece of paper and you can draw the board in less than 10 seconds. You will need 12 small checkers-like discs, 6 of each color. You could also use coins – six pennies and six dimes, for example.

Watch the video to understand the rules, but the basic idea is to use your discs to surround your opponent’s discs and take them off the board. Quick and easy, but endlessly complex. Give it try!
Watch the video

Ages: 6+
Adults: Nah, we’re fine, maybe just to learn at first…
20-30 mins

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