Soccer top trumps!

If you have some soccer cards in your house, try this fun game of soccer “top trumps.” This game is for 2-4 players.

  1. Divide the cards into two piles. Each person gets one pile.
  2. The first player looks at the card on top of their pile and picks the best statistic about that player and challenges the other players to beat this stat with the players on the tops of their card piles.
  3. If the first player has the best stat then they get to keep all of the top cards. If another player has a better stat then they get to keep all the cards. 
  4. Now move around the group of players and let each one call out their top stat and see if they can beat the other players. Try to figure out what stat will beat the other players’ cards!
  5. You can set a 10-minute time limit for the game and see who has the most cards at the end of that time or you can play until one player has won all the cards.
Ages: 7+
Adults: Nah, we’re fine
10 mins to infinite!

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