El Deafo

An extraordinarily excellent book! A hilarious and insightful autobiographical kids graphic novel about the experience of growing up hearing impaired, and even more so, about the indignities and amazements of growing up and finding a true friend. As she finds her superpower where she least expects it—and hence, her superhero name—Cece is truly one of the most sympathetic characters you’ll meet. As a graphic novel that spans a kid’s life from pre-K to middle-school years, and is deeply in tune with the mind of a kid, this is a book that can be engaging for a long long time—from being read aloud to being read independently. By Cece Bell (whose other books are also excellent!).

Borrow El Deafo from the New York Public Library or find it in your own local library!
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Ages: 6-12 or older
Adults: Nah, we’re fine, though you’ll like it too :)

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