Children Just Like Me

The Children Just Like Me books have always been favorites in our house. We love being able to jump into the books at any page and visit a child and family somewhere in the world with a different culture and routine but also with many hopes and dreams that we share.

Building empathy for the world around us is wonderful, and, it’s just fun to see how other people live halfway across the world from you, and how much you have in common.

There are two editions of this book, one from 1995 and another from 2016. The books introduce you to different kids, and are by different authors. There are excellent things about both books, and many children to meet in each.

Check out the first Children Just Like Me from the NYPL, or find it at your local library.
Check out the 2016 Children Just Like Me from the NYPL, or find it at your library!

Ages: 6-12
Adults: Nah, we’re fine

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