Cardboard box weaving

You’ve got a box or two lying around your house, right? Here’s how to turn one of those pieces of cardboard into a loom and make your own weaving! You’ll just need some yarn, any kind of tape, a ruler, and a scissors. You can also use a large blunt needle, or make your own with cardboard and tape. Oh yes, and, to push your yarn down into place, you can also use a fork 🙂 Get as fancy or as simple as you like.

Here’s a short video that teaches you how, from Met Kids.

For further explanation of the details, watch this wonderfully clear and chatty longer one from a librarian from the Ann Arbor Library.

Both are helpful and we hope you’ll have lots of fun.


Here’s a weaving made by Luca, our official family list tester, with a little help getting it off the loom.

Cardboard loom weaving
Age: 7+
Adults: Help with set up, please
20-30 mins

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