Build your city

It’s your cityreal or imagined! Where do people work? Where do they play? Where do they live? How do people get around? Does your city have a river? How do people get to your city? 

All you need is a big leftover cardboard box. Break down the sides, and spread it out on the floor. This is the site for your city. Get a pencil to sketch out where you think things should go. 

Now start to add buildings (build them from boxes, egg cartons, leftovers from your recycling bin). What kinds of buildings does your city need or want? Are some tall? Some short? What’s special about your city?

Add a river with some colored paper or marker, and parks with green paper. Can you build some bridges from cardboard or straws? Are there streets? Street names? What are all your parks called? Add some lego characters, and maybe even some trains!

This is your city, how do you want it to look? What is most important to the people that live will there? Make sure your city has a name—everyone will want to visit!

Age 6+
Adult: Yes, please
30-60 mins of building

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